Into Its Own Shadow (2010)


  • 20
  • flutes (fl., a.fl., b.fl.), bass clarinet, piano and digital audio

Score Excerpts

Program Notes

The first draft of Into Its Own Shadow was written during February and March of 2008, when I was an invited artist at the Centro Mexicano para la Música y las Artes Sonoras in Morelia. The work was completed in Canada in May, and revised slightly in 2010. The title of the work comes from a poem by Theodor Roethke, The Far Field:

The river turns on itself,
The tree retreats into its own shadow.
I feel a weightless change, a moving forward

Into Its Own Shadow is dedicated to Ensamble 3:

Salvador Torre, Fernando Dominguez and Mauricio Nader.

Commissioned by the Mexican Center for Music and Sonic
Arts for Ensamble 3.

First performance: June 29, 2012,
Morelia, Mexico.

Other performances: July 13, 2012,
Mexico City.